The Sunshine Vitamin: Exploring Top 7 Vitamin D3 supplements in India

Vitamin D, often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin,” plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health. It is essential for strong bones, a robust immune system, and various other bodily functions. While the primary source of vitamin D is sunlight, many individuals in India may still experience deficiencies due to various factors such as lifestyle, pollution, and limited sun exposure. To address this, a wide range of vitamin D3 supplements are available in the Indian market. In this article, we will explore the top 10 vitamin D3 tablets available in India, considering their effectiveness, safety, and popularity.

Vitamin D3

Exploring Top 10 Vitamin D3 supplements in India

1. HealthKart HK Vitals Vitamin D3 (2000 IU), with Sunflower Oil, Promotes Calcium Absorption, Bone Health, Muscle Strength & Immunity, 60 Vitamin D Capsules

  • FULFILLS DIETARY GAPS: HealthKart HK Vitals Vitamin D3 50 mcg (2000 IU) helps fulfil the daily requirement of Vitamin D3 by the body in just one Vitamin D3 capsule. It is also more potent than Vitamin D2
  • MODULATES IMMUNITY: HK Vitals Vitamin D3 2000 IU (from the house of HealthKart) supports the immune system to keep you fit and healthy. It helps enhance the innate immunological response
  • RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Take one Vitamin D3 capsule daily or as suggested by your healthcare practitioner

2. Carbamide Forte Vitamin D3 K2 MK7 | Plant Based Veg Vitamin D3 Supplement Lichen Source with Vitamin K2 MK7 Menaquinone – 120 Veg Tablets

  • VITAMIN D3 TABLET WITH VITAMIN K COVERS 100% OF YOUR DAILY REQUIREMENTS OF D3 & K2 MK7: Vitamin K2 & Vitamin D supplement are the perfect pair as D3 helps better absorption of Calcium and K2 directs the Calcium from the bloodstream to the bones. Better than any other vitamin d3+k2 supplements.
  • CHOLECALCIFEROL THE BEST ABSORBED FORM OF D3 VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT: Our Vitamin D tablets are sourced from LICHEN (veg source) and this form has highest bioavailability.
  • 20X HIGHER ABSORPTION OF VITAMIN K2 MK7: Menaquinone form of Vitamin K2 is absorbed 20x higher than any other form.

3. Wellbeing Nutrition Melts Natural Vitamin D3 + K2 Supplement for Immunity, Heart, Muscle, Bone, Cellular Protection | Vitashine, Resveterol & MenaquinGold | 30 Oral Strips

  • Advanced German Molecular Science (Melts): Fast Acting and All Natural Plant Based Vegan D3+K2 is 95% more bioavailable than traditional tablets/capsules/ gummies. Our advanced molecular science converts plant extracts into nanoparticles and the sublingual quick dissolve delivery system ensures the actives are directly released into the bloodstream for complete absorption 
  • HOW TO TAKE: Place 1 instant dissolve delicious Wild Raspberry Melts Strip on your tongue after your Meal. 100% Plant based – Vegan Certified & Non-Gmo Verified. Soy, Gluten, Gelatin & Carrageenan free. LOVED GLOBALLY : Over 5 million+ happy customers in 6 Countries trust Wellbeing Nutrition for Science driven Plant based Nutrition.

4.Himalayan Organics Vitamin D3 600 IU + K2 as MK7 Supplement | Supports Stronger Immunity & Bone & Heart Health | Healthy Heart For Men And Women – 120 Veg Tablets

  • HEALTHY HEART – Calcium buildup around arteries is not at all healthy in the long run. Vitamin K2 keeps calcium out of the arteries and other organs, promoting better working of the heart.
  • GLUTEN-FREE FORMULA – At Himalayan Organics, every product is developed finely, keeping in mind the concept of holistic wellness. These tablets are no exception. Devoid of gluten, soy, dairy, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, these tablets are 100% vegan & expert-approved.

5. Health Veda Organics Vitamin D3 (400 IU) + Vitamin K2 as MK7 Supplement (55mcg) | 60 Veg Tablets | Supports Healthy Bones, Boosts Immune System & Joint Health | For Men & Women

  • STRONG BONES: These tablets will fulfill your everyday need of Vitamin D3 which is essential for strong bone health. This improves bone density and prevents them from fracture.
  • MULTIPLE BENEFITS: Health Veda Organics Vitamin tablets have a potent blend. It has a lot of benefits including bone, teeth, muscle health, and overall well-being.
  • ENHANCES IMMUNITY: These supplements supports faster healing of wounds and manages free radicals. It also helps to enhance the innate immunological response and fight against invading pathogens.
  • HEALTHY HEART & MUSCLE STRENGTH: It benefits skeletal muscle development and optimizes muscle strength. Moreover, Vitamin K2 is a crucial vitamin for healthy heart functioning.

6. Amway Nutrilite Vitamin D Plus Daily Supplement 60 Tablets

Vitamin D3 supplements
Brand: Amway
Item Form: Tablet
Primary Supplement Type: Vitamin D2
Diet Type: Vegetarian
Flavor: Unflavored
Age Range (Description): Adult
Specific Uses For Product: Bone
Net Quantity: 60.0 count
Number of Items: 1
Item Weight: 0.06 Kilograms

7.TERRAVITA Daily Vitamin D3 + Vitamin B12 Supplement – Plant based D3 & B12 Vitamin Tablets for better energy production, heart & bone health – In habit friendly weekly strips 84 Tablets (Pack of 3)

  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our Globally sourced ingredients ensure high absorption of nutrients that are gentle on your stomach. we use patented vegan Vitamin D3 from vitashineTM, UK. Our Vegan B12 is the most bio-active form of B12- Methylcobalamin.
  • HOW TO CONSUME- Take our easy to swallow whole, do not chew. comes with 28 capsules per pack for 4 weeks supply.delightful Terravita products can be taken together-mix and match as you please
  • CLEAN LABEL: Vegan Vegetarian friendly, premium ingredients natural plant based extracts, no artificial colors or flavors, no added sugar, labrotart tested, manufactured in a FDA registered facility.

Vitamin D3 and Specific Population

Certain groups are more susceptible to vitamin D3 deficiency and should pay extra attention to their levels:

  • Elderly: As people age, their skin becomes less efficient at producing vitamin D3, and they may spend less time outdoors. Additionally, the elderly are more at risk for osteoporosis and fractures due to low  levels.
  • Dark-Skinned Individuals: People with darker skin produce less vitamin D3 when exposed to sunlight. They may need more sun exposure or dietary supplements to maintain adequate levels.
  • Breastfed Infants: Breast milk contains limited vitamin D3, so infants who are exclusively breastfed may require supplementation, as directed by a pediatrician.
  • Individuals with Limited Sun Exposure: Those who live in regions with minimal sunlight, spend most of their time indoors, or consistently use sunscreen may be at risk of vitamin D3 deficiency.


Vitamin D3 is a vital nutrient that plays a significant role in maintaining overall health. In a country like India, where many people face challenges related to limited sun exposure, vitamin D3 supplements can be a crucial addition to one’s daily routine. The top 7 vitamin D3 tablets in India listed in this article offer a range of options, catering to different dosage requirements, budgets, and dietary preferences. Remember that maintaining an optimal level of vitamin D is essential for strong bones, a robust immune system,  and choosing the right supplement can make a substantial difference in your health.


Q1: Can I get enough Vitamin D3 from sunlight?

A: Yes, spending time outdoors in the sun can help your body produce Vitamin D, but factors like geographical location, time of day, and skin tone can affect the amount produced.

Q2: Are there any side effects of Vitamin D3 supplements?

A: When taken in appropriate doses, Vitamin D3 supplements are generally safe. However, excessive intake can lead to side effects like nausea and constipation.

Q3: Is it safe to take Vitamin D3 supplements during pregnancy?

A: It’s crucial for pregnant women to meet their Vitamin D3 needs, as it’s essential for both the mother and baby’s health. Consult a healthcare provider for guidance.

Q4: Can Vitamin D3 help with weight loss?

A: Some research suggests that adequate Vitamin D levels may support weight management, but it’s not a direct weight loss solution.

Q5: What are the signs of a Vitamin D3 deficiency?

A: Common symptoms include fatigue, bone pain, muscle weakness, and frequent infections.

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